Tiger is the focus of attention again. On Wednesday the American golfer nearly made hole-in-one, and on Thursday it will begin a campaign behind the sixth title on Memorial Tournament.

Between Masters and PGA Championship Tiger Woods did not play anywhere and as a result extremely unsuccessfully acted on second “major”, without having passed кат.

Between PGA Championship and US Open he has to play on Memorial Tournament – a tournament on which he won against five times.

On “Masters” Tiger won the 81st title in PGA round. If he manages to win one more trophy, then it will be equal to the champion on this indicator Sam Snead. However, the founder of Memorial Tournament Jack Nicklaus does not attach it great value.

“I do not watch this race. For me it is unimportant. It can be important for Woods, I do not know. Journalists constantly find new records and opportunities for comparison. In my opinion nobody in the world knows how many titles were won by Sam Snid”, – Nicklaus considers.

Holds the opposite opinion Rory Mcilroy. He believes that the total number of titles in PGA round, perhaps, is even more important, than the number of “majors”. Let’s remind that Woods with 15 “majors” lags behind Nicklaus, at which 18.

“The quantity of titles which Tiger won impresses even more, than the number of “majors”. He plays about 20 years, means it turns out that he wins on average in four times a year against. It very much, very much impresses. If you manage to win several titles during the season then you do everything correctly”, – Rory is sure.

Tiger before arrival in the field of Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio went to California in the field of Pebble Beach where there will take place US Open.

“There was damp, it is cold and rainy. On game feelings, the field became very long. Of course, during the tournament the field will be a little another. For example, the grass in Rafa yet not such high, but is few weeks that the grass grew.

I forgot how there small grina. If to add to them it is a little rigidity and speed, then they seem in general tiny. It was interesting to look at those grina which they remade, to see new arrangement of some flags. Next week I will begin to prepare purposefully for PGA Championship, and this knowledge can be useful”, – Woods explained.

On Wednesday Tiger played on Muirfield Village within the tournament about-am and nearly made hole-in-one. The ball stopped literally in centimeters from a hole. This blow was watched a legend of the American soccer by Peyton Manning who at this moment was in the banker near Green.

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